Hello, I'm Myra

Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapist | Certified Hypnotherapist |
Certified Mindfulness Coach & Consultant | British Wheel of Yoga Teacher



I am here to help you live a phenomenal life, the one you were meant to live!

Eradicating and eliminating all the blocks to your success and happiness, uprooting them, replacing them with a new blueprint and changing your life forever.

To take you to places you never knew existed or thought possible. I know that’s possible because that is where I live now.  Trust me when I say I walk my talk.

I will use the same tools that I used on myself to change your life for the better. I am a Rapid Transformational (RTT™) Graduate, Certified Hypnotherapist & Certified Mindfulness Coach. I also have many years under my belt as a Career Coach and hold a diploma in teaching yoga.

I serve people who suffer from longing and discontent, which might manifest in wanting a better and more meaningful, prosperous or satisfying life but they just don’t know how to change things by themselves.

How I Can Help

I’m a Change Maker, I help you make changes deep within you that will put you in charge of your emotions and thus allow you to  get in control of your life and it’s outcomes.  Nothing is off limits. Expect more happiness and success at the very least. You deserve and are worthy of the best life has to offer. Time to go out and get it.

I don’t make empty promises, I create breakthroughs in all areas of life such as but not limited to, business success, weight management, relationships and mental & physical health.

If you really want to change and are prepared to do the work, together we can transform your life and outcomes and believe me, you will enjoy the ripple effect to loved ones, colleagues and the world in general.

I facilitate phenomenal change if you are ready for that. I act with integrity, love, honesty, insight and passion.

This is my promise to you. 

With love,


How I Can Help

Are you looking for an effective way to break through your own self-imposed glass ceiling?

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