You are a leader.

You are successful. 

You are decisive.

You have an impressive reputation.

You are a visionary.

You get stuff done in the world.

You positively impact the lives of many others, but there has been a personal cost to that. 

You feel the weight of that responsibility for others on your shoulders. It sometimes keep you awake at night.

You have fears, worries, maybe some complexes that bother you, but you have just lived with them-up until now.

You wonder how life might look, how you might feel if you did address these issues.

You would like to slow down but go faster. 

You crave more simplicity in your life.

You want to explore what comes next and what more you are capable of.

You sometimes feel shy, insecure, like a complete impostor, like the dumbest person in the room (despite how the rest of the world sees you).

How can you work with me ?

If you would like to know more let’s talk, get to know each other a bit, human being to human being, if you like what you hear then we can go forward and start the journey.